Jason Noah Choi


Sr. Software Engineer @ CONDÉ NAST
New York, NY
Feb 2016 - December 2018

  • Lead mobile technology efforts at Conde Nast by providing trainings, creating spin-off projects to create more integration points with current stack and APIs created within the company

  • Build The New Yorker Today entirely in Swift in team of 5 iOS developers, write unit tests, offline caching, UI work

  • Create in-house API tools to be used internally by all iOS apps in all Conde Nast brands

  • Scrap and redesign entire Vogue Runway and Vogue iOS apps, and maintain stability with a crash free rate above 99%

  • Do UI design work as needed using Sketch and provide guidelines for designers

  • Contribute to and write tests for client side web app code as needed

Dec 2013 - Present

  • Partner with Vogue to create a visually stunning ARKit experience on iPhone X launch

  • Manage a team of 3 to provide apps and websites to small startups and business

  • Developed an app for students to use as a learning tool for memorization with flash cards by swiping left or right depending on whether you get it right or wrong with tools like graphs, and quiz mode vs. study mode

  • Created a design focused self-motivation app with fun and simple animations that lets you record your voice to inspire your future self; was top post on subreddit, /r/getdisciplined

  • As a methodology agnostic, lead design and architecture efforts by creating user stories, requirements and delegating work to cater to strengths of team for quicker iteration

Language: Objective-C, Swift, Javascript, React, React-Native, No
Frameworks/APIs: Core Data, AVFoundation, Core Animation, UIKit, REST API, a tiny bit of Core Audio
3rd Party: Parse, Facebook SDK, Github, Fabric, MixPanel

iOS Developer @ MEMBIT
San Francisco, CA
Oct 2015 - Feb 2016

  • Build MVP for augmented reality geolocation photo-sharing app that allows photos to be placed and viewed in the exact location and time that they were captured

  • Implement Crashlytics and Mixpanel to provide analytics and better testing of hypotheses for user stories; provide and create UX stories and wireframes for better design implementation

  • Use SceneKit by placing 2D images in 3D world using patented human positioning system

Language: Swift
Frameworks/APIs: Swift, REST API, MapKit, Core Location, SceneKit, PhotoKit, Core Graphics, UIKit, Core Data, Core Motion, AVFoundation
3rd party: Facebook SDK, Cocoapods, Sketch, MixPanel, Fabric, Smooch, Haneke, SVProgressHUD, Onboard, SVProgressHUD, DrawerController, Github

iOS Developer @ MUSEY
San Francisco, CA
Sep 2014 - Sep 2015

  • Using MVC and protocol oriented implementation, built two iOS apps for interior designers and architects to help facilitate ease of communication, finding clients, and planning home layouts using Swift

  • Set up provisioning profiles, push notifications and shipping of app via iTunesConnect

  • Built UI and mockups of apps in Sketch to create a pixel perfect experience for user clientele that appreciate design

  • Communicated with potential users for feedback to improve overall UX within apps

Language: Swift
Frameworks/APIs: Geolocation, REST API, Core Animation, UIKit, AVFoundation, PhotosKit, AssetsLibrary, Core Data, Core Location
3rd Party: Stripe, KILabel, PINRemoteImage, MixPanel, Instabug, Fabric, SVProgressHUD, Digits (by Twitter), AFNetworking, Parse, Cocoapods, Sketch, Github

San Francisco, CA
Dec 2013 - Feb 2016

  • Worked on enterprise apps for iOS platform by working directly with founder of company

  • Clients include: university, non-profit, medical firm

  • Under guidance of TDD, implemented requirements of: keychain access, encryption, administration management, HIPAA, REST

Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Foundation, Multithreading, JSON, Objective-C, Swift

Senior Manager - Customer Engagement @ PRACTICE FUSION
San Francisco, CA
Aug 2011 - April 2014

  • Managed implementation for sales team to provide support to thousands of medical practices; averaged 120% MOM growth of KPIs for active engaged users of platform

  • Created training videos for learning how to use EMRs

  • Led cross-department initiative with Product/UX to increase engagement via A/B Testing, conducted hundreds of user testing calls to increase click-throughs and metrics, while also, creating awareness of better UX design, created wireframes for future iterations of product offering


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BA Psychology @ University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA