I build apps professionally and on the side. Check them out. I hope you enjoy them.




A few key contributions include: building custom components to allow sharing/saving with images and metadata, UI fixes, setup ads that include keywords (for ad targeting) sent to Google Ads SDK, setup article feed and pagess

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Vogue Runway

A few key contributions include: UI implementation, UX advising with major overhaul coming soon, image caching, Siri integration, Core Spotlight, Animation Transitions, Intro Animation design, Featured in App Store. 

2018 Webby Award Winner - Mobile Sites & Apps - Fashion & Beauty

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The New Yorker Today

Built entirely in Swift on team of 5 iOS developers.

A few key contributions include: offline mode due to NY subway internet troubles, UI implementation, image caching

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Tomorrow: Inspire your future self


This app allows you to record a message for yourself that you can play in the future. 

Technologies: AVFoundation, Core Data, JSON, Animations, Parse, Swift, Objective-C, Fabric, MixPanel  

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Membit is a geolocation photo sharing app that allows photos to be placed and viewed in the exact location it was captured. 

Technologies: SceneKit, AVFoundation for Photos and Videos, Maps, GLKit, Facebook API, Core Motion, Core Location, Core Media, Animations

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Design Scout: Curation of Modern Interiors and Decor


This app is for anyone looking to renovate or redecorate. Anyone in need of real-world inspiration from great architecture and interior decor. Browse and collect photos of real-world design inspiration by top architects and designers from around the world.

Technologies: Swift, Parse, Fabric, MixPanel, Core Location, Social, Push

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Musey Pocket Plan


Work with an interior designer to create a floor plan. Make mood boards to choose the perfect furniture item for your room. Messaging tool to communicate and prioritize needs. Calendar tool to track your appointments and meetings.

Technologies: Swift, JSQMessages, Animations, Push, Parse, UIKit, MediaPlayer

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Example floor plan. All furniture blocks are movable.

Example floor plan. All furniture blocks are movable.



Cardalot lets you review your notes with a swiping feature. It provides study mode and a quiz yourself mode. It also includes the ability to check your progress with graphs.

Technologies: Facebook API, Core Data, Animations, UIKit, Objective-C, Parse

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