Please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jason Noah Choi. These posts have been fewer than I had initially hoped; nonetheless, I write to talk about my journey. This is a post I had previously written but not posted until now.

A bit of background: former agent’s assistant (think Lloyd from Entourage), sales guy, and finally account management/biz dev for healthcare startups. I’ve always felt like I was born to do something big, at least be a part of it. Additionally, I’ve always thought to myself:

“it’d be great if someone created this…” or “I wish that this existed so that…”

At the incredibly young age of 25 (not!), I came to the realization that I can be the one to create this with some proper training. The only thing stopping me was my personal drive and motivation. So wait…you’re telling me only I can stop myself?

I believe my path is not so atypical. I attempted to learn on my own through online resources having no programming experience and boy, it’s quite difficult to use your brain when you’ve been on autopilot for so many years. I sought the help of others and was fortunate enough to land a gig and work on some projects for Dunpatrick, Inc while polishing up my skills.

So let's think about code. There are so many different languages. Do I want to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript and go the front end route? Should I learn Python or Rails and do some backend? I decided that I want learn iOS. Objective-C. Swift.

This blog will continue to focus on things that I ponder as I continue to learn more and more about iOS development.