New App is Coming Soon!

My next app is based upon the idea that we are our best motivators. We can easily get inspired to do something by watching something uplifting on the Internet or a heartfelt story that your friend sent over; however, it’s quite fleeting. I wanted to create an app that allows you to use your own voice to motivate yourself.

Initially, it started out as an idea that was based on meditation as I am an avid meditator to find balance in my life. I was planning to make a meditation app that allowed you to use your own voice and create your own guide meditation overlaying music that I provide.

As I continued to think about it and talk about it with my friend, Ben Adamson, I decided to pivot and take it down a new path based on using your own voice to inspire and motivate yourself.

The basic concept is this: Record something uplifting today, receive it tomorrow. After you receive the recording, it will be available for you to listen to for 24 hours, and then, poof! It’s gone!

It’s a fairly simple app, with a few complexities. One of the craziest things is that it only has 3 view controllers! How ridiculous is that!? My last app, Cardalot, had at least 40, maybe 50, but after a somewhat large, first ever project, I wanted to dial it back a bit and simplify it and brush up on some new techniques that I haven’t really used too much.

I’ll be using AVFoundation for audio and there is lots of animation that will occur for nice even flow. I haven’t had a lot of practice with animation nor have I ever worked with AVFoundation so this is incredibly new territory and I’m excited. I’ve done lots of reading and know what I plan to do.

This brings to my next point that Core Audio seems much more powerful than AVFoundation. I think it can help benefit the app greatly but is definitely a beast in itself. I plan to start out with AVAudioPlayer and AVAudioRecorder, then we’ll see from there. I’ll talk about some of the challenges that I ran into in my next post!