Level up your keyword ranking game for indie iOS developers

I’ve been using Sensor Tower for the past 2 weeks and it’s been absolutely amazing in helping me track my app keywords. So in case you didn’t know, while it’s not completely clear, it appears that App Store Optimization (ASO) is based on 100 characters of keywords that I provide along with what’s in my title for the app.

The title of my app? You ready? Tomorrow: Record Inspiring and Influential Messages Today with Your Voice, Get it Tomorrow to Inspire Your Future Self

It’s not spammy but I admit, it’s wordy. I believe it’s a tad over 100 characters. I also have an additional 10 words or so that I’ve been tracking.

Sensor Tower provides amazing graphs of how you have been progressing for particular keywords that you are currently ranking for.

Here is my word, desire.


As you can see, 2 weeks ago, I was ranked 60+ and I’ve been steadily climbing the charts and now I’m currently ranked 6 for the word, desire. Rather than having to go into the App Store, and looking up all my keywords individually, Sensor Tower gives me all of them at once! Amazing!

Sensor Tower gives me my rank for each of my keywords and tells me how hard it is to rank. Here’s another shot of what it looks like:


First Column: Keyword

Second Column: How often this keyword is actually searched scale: 1-10

Third Column: How hard is it to rank for this keyword (1-10)

Fourth Column: How many apps are currently ranked for this keyword

Fifth Column: Your current ranking for this keyword

It’s a matter of finding the best words that suit your app and finding synonyms that you can rank higher for.

For example, it’s quite difficult to rank for the word, messenger, so I’d do my best to find a word that is similar, and has a lower number for the third column. Once you become king or queen of that word, then we can jump onto the more difficult words to rank for.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s loaded with many more amazing features like spying on your competitors, potential keywords that would work for your app, etc that I have yet to even look at. I can’t wait to dive in further. Bottom line, ASO is so important because iOS phone owners use the search feature to find new apps. It is an absolute must that you at least rank for the name of your own app!