Busy busy busy

I’ve been incredibly busy with working on a new project so I haven’t been able to post everything I wanted to. It seems that I start to write a post and I never really finish it due to conflicts. To update what I’ve been doing, I just finished working on a team project with two others. We made an app called Cardalot that helps students study more efficiently with flashcards in a more pleasant manner.

We realize that there are many other flash card apps in the app store, but I’m quite proud of our first ever app that we created. It’s pretty neat in that it has swipe features, a feature to remind you to study, and ways to view your progress on how well you have been doing on memorize your flash cards.

We spent just two weeks on building this app and man, let me tell you; we had many moments where we were pulling our hair out, unable to figure out what we were doing wrong. We’re using core data to save everything on the app. We even created a company around building apps together. The name of our company, Weekend Concept, LLC. I rather like the name as it has a nice ring to it and seems to embody the feeling of everything we went through in getting this app built.

My brother, David is being kind enough to build our website for us for a quick design that I created. It’ll be up on http://www.cardalot.com soon. The app is currently in review in the app store and hopefully it’ll get put into the store soon.

I am now working on an app which currently doesn’t have a name just yet, but I’m very excited about it. The app provides you with a way to send a message to your future self to take charge of your thoughts and your emotions. This app is something that I wanted for myself and evolved from a previous idea that I had. I’ll be working on this as a fun side project and will use the skills that I have learned over the past few months to build it. I’ll expand more upon it and explain some of the new things that I have discovered and some of the struggles that I went through in building out the app.