It’s been a while...

It's been months since I've updated this little thing and I hope this doesn't become a habit. I was fortunate enough to get a job very shortly after my last post which is what has caused this extended absence.

So much has happened over the past few months. WWDC happened. While I didn't attend the conference. I was in the thick of it; experiencing WWDC afterparties, getting to know quite a few smart developers. Note to self: Make business cards just for this event. Seems silly because we live in a digital world where we receive the latest news and texts on our very watches, but still, it's a must.

I was fortunate enough to attend AltConf. Very amazing. I particular enjoyed the talks by:

Matt Ronge - Lessons in App PR: How to Launch

NatashaTheRobot - Swift Thinking

Abezir Nazir - What Haskell Teaches Me About Swift

I'm positive there are quite a few more that are amazingly impactful and informative; unfortunately, I didn't have the time to see them. (But the videos are up. Check them out!) The three above really allowed me to pause and think about multiple layers of the vast world of iOS.

Additionally, I've had the pleasure of working at Musey for the past few months. We're making apps for the interior design space by helping individuals find products for the world's interiors and creating a solutions to help designers manage client relations more efficiently. It's a small team, but we move really quickly and it's so much fun to tackle new challenges. Best of all, the apps are in Swift!

I remember when I began learning the iOS framework; Swift had just been announced and it was the age old debate. Should I learn Swift? Should I learn objective-C? The mentality it seemed was that if I wanted a job, learn obj-C, if I want to build apps, learn Swift. I'm very much glad I learned objective-C first still. I do struggle daily with writing code in a more swifty way, but it's a good thing. I enjoyed the very uniform and verbose way of writing objective-C because I think it taught me a disciplined way of writing code. It's crazy that just a year ago, I was looking at the objective-C books and thinking; how the hell am I going to learn this crap!? As I continue to read through Swift books, I'm finding new ways to refactor my code and make it more Swifty. Huzzah!

Still, I'm just scratching the surface. I have many weaknesses in my game. I want to continue to master the things that I'm good at and round out my weaknesses. Setting up UI stuff; whether it's programmatically or via storyboard, I absolutely love. I love working on POSTs and GETS to and from the backend!

Bruce Lee states: "I don't fear the man that knows 10,000 kicks, I fear the man that practiced one kick 10,000 times."

Such power in that statement. Perfect my craft.